Dear Jimmy Kimmel: Shut Up About Politics

Teunis Felter
Written by Teunis Felter

This is why America hates Hollywood. Jimmy Kimmel delivered a heart-wrenching monologue Monday night that every mother and every father could relate to. In the emotion-drunk moments last month after the birth of their son he and his wife watched their boy turn blue and got the terrifying news that something was wrong with his heart. Here was this moment highlighting the preciousness of life, the heroism of nurses, the unmatched expertise of surgeons and the magical power of family. And what is the point of it all for Jimmy Kimmel? Politics. Grubby, dirty politics.




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Teunis Felter

Teunis Felter

Teunis Felter has over 20 years experience as an author, editor, and scientist. When not exploring outside, he enjoys reading history, researching genealogy, and civilly discussing politics.